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  • Honor your club's supporters

    Appreciation doesn’t need to be formal to be profound. Volunteers who feel noticed and appreciated are much more likely to keep supporting your club — and to spread the word about the work you’re doing. No matter how much people have helped your club, they all deserve recognition for their contributions.

    In the United States, there are a few upcoming opportunities:
    Here are some ideas to get members started:
    • Make a bulletin board. Decorate using a theme and incorporate the names and photos of all the volunteers who have supported the club. Take a photo of the bulletin board and incorporate it into club communications, such as a newsletter or social media channels.
    • Pick up the phone. Either individually or as a group, members can reach out to thank each volunteer. Record the call and show your sponsoring Kiwanis club.
    • Put it in writing. Host a card-making meeting where members are encouraged to get creative. Use stickers, incorporate photos of past service projects, or craft pop-up art to make each thank-you note personal and meaningful.
    • Host a recognition event. Ask a local business to help sponsor a breakfast, lunch or award ceremony. It’s a great way to get help with hosting. Incorporate a public recognition aspect to mention volunteers’ specific contributions.
    Need more ideas? Check out the Builders Club Pinterest board for more fun and easy examples.

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  • International Day of Happiness

    Why is happiness important? Because happy people are healthier, more resilient and kinder to others. The good news is that we can all become happier. In fact, science says we can re-wire our brains for happiness by conducting specific practices! Here are a few ideas:

    Happiness wall
    Hang butcher paper the length of a wall in a main corridor or in the cafeteria. Provide post-it notes and markers. Each student writes what makes him or her happy on the post-it note and places it on the butcher paper.

    Happiness garland
    During lunch in the cafeteria, provide markers and blank 8 ½ x 11 inch sheets of paper. Each student will draw what makes him of her happy. Hang a length of rope from one end of a wall to another in a prominent area. Use clothes pins, paper clips or tape to attach finished drawings to the rope.

    Gratitude tree
    Hang butcher paper in a prominent area and have club members draw a tree trunk with branches on it. The tree should be drawn without leaves. Use green construction paper to cut out the shape of leaves. Cut enough leaves for each student at school. During each lunch hour, distribute leaf cut-outs and markers to students. Each student should write down one thing for which he or she feels grateful. After writing on the leaf, each student tapes it to the tree. Watch as the leaves of gratitude fill the branches of the tree!

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  • Don’t wait! Renew your club now

    An annual renewal fee is required to remain active and continue receiving updated club materials from Kiwanis International. Find out where the sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary can find the invoice, and how to renew if you are not currently a sponsored club.

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  • Congratulations to our contest winners!

    First place: Corner Lake Middle School Builders Club, Florida district
    Second place: Huntsville Middle School Builders Club, Missouri-Arkansas district
    Third place: Capitol Hill Montessori Builders Club, Capital district

    First place: Capitol Hill Montessori Builders Club, Capital district
    Second place: Huntsville Middle School Builders Club, Missouri-Arkansas district

    First place: Corner Lake Middle School Builders Club, Florida district

    First place: Corner Lake Middle School Builders Club, Florida district
    Second place: Montverde Academy Builders Club, Florida district
    Third place: Lewiston-Porter Builders Club, New York district

    View all remaining contest opportunities, due May 1, at


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  • Advance your club's impact with IDEA

    The final and fourth step of the IDEA Toolkit is called Advance the Impact. The four goals are outlined below, and tools and resources are available at to guide you through the process. By the end of this step, your club will have reflected on and celebrated your achievements, and shared with others what the club has learned.

    • Club members will think about what they accomplished and celebrate their successes.
    • Club members will look at the impact made by their service project and figure out where they can improve.
    • Club members will share the results of their service project with others.
    • Club members will make plans to continue serving others in their school and community.
    Advisors and club officers should:
    • Read through all the outlines and worksheets included in the Advance the Impact section of the IDEA Toolkit.
    • Work together to decide which activities will be accomplished during meetings and which ones members should do on their own.
    • Figure out which club officers will lead the club through each activity and how to get the best results.

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