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What would your school or community be like if.....

students cared about each other and the world around them? What could be accomplished if those students were taught how to lead in a way that brought out the best in themselves and their fellow students? How would it feel if you were the one that made this opportunity possible? 

Key Leader is an inspirational weekend that helps to bring out the leader inside every student. Through team-building activities, group discussions and personal reflection, students gain self-confidence, make new friends and learn the joy and power of community involvement. 

Since 2005, Key Leader has hosted more than 660 events for more than 32,000 students in 40 U.S. states, seven Canadian provinces as well as in Malaysia, the Cayman Islands, Singapore, Brazil, El Salvador and the Bahamas. 

Curriculum Foundations

Service Leadership. Key Leader is based on the ideas of Robert Greenleaf - the best leader puts others first and seeks to support team members in all they do.  

Personal Integrity. doing the right thing when no one is watching ; working to live out your values every day in every way. 

Personal Growth. Developing in mind, body and spirit; seeking to improve listening skills and understand personality styles; taking appropriate risks. 

Respect. Showing consideration for self, others and your surroundings; working to develop a culture of respect and self-respect in schools.

Building community. Developing relationships to achieve positive growth; reflecting on present communities and challenges that need action. 

Pursuit of excellence. Expecting and achieving the best while living a life of purpose; goal setting as a strategy for success. 

Educational objectives

Support student success with positive reinforcement of personal worth and validation of unique gifts in every person. 

Contribute to a positive school community through bonding experiences and shared enthusiasm for one another. 

Reinforce social-emotional learning, including active listening, self-awareness, empathy, emotional management, responsible decision making, goal setting and resiliency. 

Engage in a nontraditional learning environment that will positively impact students' fugures as participants seek to identify and live by their values. 

Empower students to be leaders in their own way while also learning that good followers are important in every group. 

What makes Key Leader so impactful?

Certified Professional Lead Facilitator delivers each event, conducting large group sessions and mentoring peer group leaders. Annual recertification of facilitators updates best practices and new insights for delivery. 

Curriculum is highly interactive with large-group presentations, small-group discussions, challenging video clips, group projects and team-building initiatives. 

Emphasis on early high school grades for most success in high school and beyond. Curriculum was developed for ninth and 10th grade levels, with graduating eighth graders welcome to spring events. 

Intentional group development is fostered by close proximity of all students and adults during the two to three days of the event. Ideal group size is suggested at 70 student sand 10 student facilitators. 

Flexible delivery modes include holding the program at the host school or camp conference center, with or without overnight stays. Kiwanis staff work with each event to design an inclusive program that best provides for student needs. 

Continued engagement after the program through resources in a student-friendly curriculum book , as well as Kiwanis sponsored Key Clubs in high schools. 

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