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Advisor roles

What is the role of the club advisor?

Faculty advisor

Each Builders Club has a faculty advisor chosen from the faculty, staff or administration of the school. The faculty advisor works closely with both the Builders Club and the sponsoring Kiwanis club. The faculty advisor is familiar with the school's procedures and acts as liaison between the Builders Club, Kiwanis club and school administration. 

If the Builders Club is a community-based club, then a staff person from the facility should fill this role.

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Kiwanis advisor

The Kiwanis advisor's role is to initiate organization of a Builders Club in accordance with guidelines provided by Kiwanis International, obtain the approval of school officials for its establishment as a school organization, recruit initial members, schedule the organizational meeting, file the Petition for Charter, plan for the charter presentation event and after the club is fully operating, provide continuous coordination, counsel and assistance. The Kiwanis advisor is also responsible for conducting Builders Club officers training to incoming leadership.

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