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Builders Club week with blue backgroundInteractive Advisor Education


Each Builders Club is student-led with the support of two advisors: a Kiwanis advisor from the sponsoring Kiwanis club and a faculty or facility advisor. In addition to the learning opportunities available from the Kiwanis club and school/community organization staff, Kiwanis International has created a number of downloadable resources to assist both with club activities and advisors in performing their duties.

Meetings & Ceremonies
Advice and resources regarding taking minutes and creating agendas.

Officers & Committees
Advice and resources regarding officer and committee election, installation and training.

Building a Website
Advice and resources regarding building your own club website.

Reports & Awards
Resources needed to submit reports and participate in the annual contest and awards process.  Information is also available regarding what reports need to be submitted, where they are located, and when they are due. 

Club Membership Growth 
Advice and resources for membership recruitment.

Banner Patches
Information on what banner patches are available and how to earn them. 

BC Wire
Read the monthly e-newsletter for advisors to find out the latest Builders Club news. 

Looking for a specific tool? Find a complete listing of our resources on the General Resource Download page.