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A way to increase members, make your Builders Club more visible and share with others what you are doing is to create your own website. Here are some ideas to help you create your own.

Hosting a site:

  • Some individuals who have Internet (e-mail) accounts are given a minimum of Web space and use this space for their Builders Club’s website. 
  • Most Builders Club members attach their Builders Club’s website as a subdirectory to their school’s website. Contact your school’s administration or technical support staff for this option. 
  • Some communities have developed community websites, which offer free or reduced-rate space to nonprofit or service groups. 
  • There are a variety of “free” hosts that do not charge for hosting a club’s website. Most attach advertisements to the club’s website in return for this service. (,, 
  • Some clubs pay a monthly fee to a local Internet provider to host their sites.

Designing a website: 

  • Follow the guidelines established by the Kiwanis International Board. 
  • Look at other club websites to see how they have done it. 
  • Consider the site’s purpose and how frequently it will be maintained. Regularly updated sites give users reasons to return. 

Submitting your address 

Once your club site is complete and live on the Web, e-mail your club’s Web address to so we can post it on the Builders Club website.