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Reach your fundraising goals with these project ideas. These suggestions can be modified to work in your club and community. You can use this list to plan your service year or to start brainstorming new ideas.

Aluminum Cans 

Collect cans and flatten them in a race to see who can collect the most for the recycling center. The money from the center can be used to treat contest winners to prizes and to purchase recycling containers for the school. 

Provide recycling containers at the cafeteria exits so students can discard aluminum cans. Once a month, take the cans to the recycling center. Store the cans in a trailer or bin outside the school. 

Birthday Kits 

At the beginning of the school year, send a direct mail order to students’ parents, selling “birthday kits.” The Builders Club can deliver birthday cakes, donuts, cookies, balloons or something similar to students celebrating birthdays. If the club does a one-time sale, it alleviates an ongoing problem of accurate ordering. This project would require strong committee organization and reliable volunteers. 


During sporting events, sell buttons with pictures of athletes in uniform. 

Want more ideas?  Download our Fundraising Idea Guide that has over seven pages of fundraising ideas!