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Service Focus

There are service needs all around you. Here’s an idea: Each semester, plan one project in each of these categories:

Hands-on service: Roll up your sleeves and providing direct service within the community.

Fundraising and philanthropy: Raise money for an organization or cause.

Awareness-building: Make others aware of an issue and encourage them to take action.

How it works
September - conduct a hands-on service activity.
October - collect donations and give to a charity in the community.
November - host a school assembly to engage the student body in an important community issue.

Each activity can be built around separate causes, or focus on the same cause. This approach can help members see how worthy causes need more than just hands-on service—they also need funds and advocates who can build awareness around an issue. Members will benefit from the opportunity to dive deeper into causes and community needs.


IDEA Toolkit

A high-impact service toolkit to help clubs choose a service project that will leave a long-lasting impact.

IDEA Toolkit