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Becoming a superhero

Builders Club members have the power to change the school, the community and the world to make them better. This is truly a super power making Builders Club members the superheros of their school and community. 

Becoming a superhero doesn't happen overnight. Strengthening the inner superhero is something that happens over time. Here's how the Builders Club member's thought process changes as the inner superhero awakens.

From the perspective of a Builders Club member....

Heart to serve super power

I want to make the world a better place. I see a problem, and know I can make things better. I am involved in my club's community service projects. 

Call to lead super power

I help everyone bring their best to our meetings and projects. With my club's help we review a problem, share thoughts, develop a plan and build on each other's ideas and strengths to make things better and get the job done. I can serve as a chairman on one of my club's committees. I might even run for a club officer position. 

Courage to engage super power

I don't have to wait for someone else to notice a problem. I can step up and take action now. I'll reach out to other students and organizations who can help. We can work together to solve this and make a greater impact.