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Heart to serve

Builders Club can provide opportunities for students to discover their heart to serve. When students discover their heart to serve, they decide that serving others is a new, exciting way of life. The service club experience at a young age can help students accept their own ability to make a difference, enhance their knowledge of their own passions and conventions, and develop their ability to empathize with those in need in their communities.

What does having a heart to serve look like? You'll notice that members:

  • Show more care and compassion for each other.
  • Identify needs in their school and community with less prompting.
  • Can better express their beliefs and ideas about how they want to help others.
  • Can discuss their service projects in greater depth and insight.
  • Identify themselves as the ones who can make a difference.
How can you support this discovery?

  • Ensure that community service remains the clubs main focus.
  • Facilitate conversations before and after service projects to help students express their emotions and insights.
  • Pay attention to members who identify a passion and help them find resources to investigate this further.
  • Introduce the club to community charities and cause-related organizations.
  • Make sure the club's choices for projects and service initiatives are student led.