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  • March of Dimes Update

    March is here, and so is time for March for Babies! Advisors in the U.S. should have received a packet of information from the March of Dimes, including how to sign up for their biggest annual fundraiser, March for Babies, and ways to get your students involved. Most events take place in late April, so check the website for all the details on the event in your area!

    This year, more than 7 million people will join their family and friends in 900 communities across the nation. Our volunteers and staff will encourage and support you in your efforts to raise awareness and funds. No matter if this is your first year or your 5th, you can expect the event to be fun, compelling and rewarding.

    Looking for more ideas on getting your members engaged? Check out the March for Babies Toolkit for students, including mission messages; speaking points; fundraising ideas, and a sample timeline and goal sheet.

    Want to spread the word? Download this great poster you can post in your classroom, club meeting space and give to members.

    Keep track of Lauren’s travels as she journeys across the country with her family as National Ambassadors, talking to other about the mission and importance of the March of Dimes.

    Finally, share your story with us at so we can feature your great work!

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  • April advising tip of the month

    Post-community service reflection activities
    Reflection is a key component to effective youth service-learning projects, but it also has important implications for use in other service projects and youth activities. Structured reflection helps participants:
    • Consider what they accomplished and learned during an activity
    • Contemplate ways that the experience could be adjusted to improve the outcome
    • Formulate concrete ideas of how they can use their experience in other facets of their lives
    • Share their ideas and feelings with others
    • Communicate the value of their participation with themselves and other participants
    Next time your Builders Club completes a service project consider wrapping up with an activity that allows for some personal reflection time. Here are a few ideas:

    Pass the ball

    Material needed: Any soft object that can be tossed from one participant to another; Ideal group size: 5–15
    Description: In this activity, the group sits in a circle and you facilitate a discussion about what the youth learned by participating in the service activity. A soft object is tossed around the circle. Whoever has the object is the one who can talk. Many times youth are more willing to participate and answer the questions because they want to be able to hold and toss the object.
    First explain how the activity works. Ask them to sit (or stand) in a circle. “I’m going to ask a question. If you’d like to answer raise your hand and I’ll pass you the ball (or whatever object you have). Then once you are done you can pass the ball to someone else that would like to answer the same question.”
    When you are ready to ask a different question, ask that the object be tossed back to you. After the youth answer each question, you can take time to summarize what they said or expand on the thoughts they shared.
    Here are some example questions that can be used for most activities:
    1. What did you like best about this service activity?
    2. What did you like least about this service activity?
    3. What did you learn by participating in this service activity?
    4. What are two or three words you can use to describe how you feel about this service activity?
    5. What are some other service activities that you would like to do?
    6. Why was it important that we worked together to complete this service activity?
    7. What, if anything, will you do differently at home because of the experiences you had while participating in this service activity?
    8. Would you like to participate in this service activity again? Why or why not?
    9. If we did this service activity again, what could we do to make it better?
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  • New Builders Club Specialist

    Greetings from Kiwanis International! My name is Meghan Ward-Bopp and I’m your new Builders Club Specialist. As a fan and participant in Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs I’m excited about collaborating with each of you to help give each Builders Club member the best experience possible.   

    But first, I want to say thank you. Thank you for all of your thankless hours of service to the middle school students you advise in Builders Club. Thank you for investing in the students and in their future.  

    Over the past two months I’ve been learning the ropes, all the while focusing on how to improve our Builders Club member experience. Recently it occurred to me that those individuals who have the best insight into how to improve our member experience, would be you: the advisors.  

    Because of that, I’m asking you to participate in either a town hall type conference call in order to share your thoughts with me. I’m interested in gaining your insight regarding what resources KI needs to develop for clubs and advisors, the current member experience and awards process.
    Below are the dates, times and links for the calls/survey. If you can, please take a few moments out of your already very busy day to participate, as we need your voice to help better the Builders Club experience.  
    Date: Monday, April 14th at 7pm EST
    Toll Free Number: 800-406-9170 ; Participant ID:  3751040254 
    To register for the call:
    Again, thank you so much for all that you have done and will do! Know that the entire KI staff and your Builders Club administrators are always just a phone call or email away—and happy to help in any way that we can! --Meghan

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  • Awards/contest information

    Have your club members started working on your 2010–11 contest book? Download entire contest and award information, including submission forms and complete guidelines at the Contest and Awards page at

    Deadline: Due April 1st to your district administrator. Refer to the Builders Club District Administrator List for contact information.


    Want to earn another banner patch? Keep track of your club’s activities throughout the year and submit an annual achievement report to Kiwanis International by May 1st. Check out the Contest and Awards page at for more information.

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  • Builders Club Renewal

    Has your Builders Club been renewed for the 2010–11 year? Have you received this year’s club supplies? If you answered no to these questions, you can renew your club at the Club Renewal Center. Contact Members Services at 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 411, if you need assistance or have questions.

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