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  • Set the date to become One, Kiwanis

    The one day each year that you circle in red on your calendar, empty your schedule and save for service has been set for 2012: Kiwanis One Day will be Saturday, April 21.

    Take note, Kiwanis trivia buffs: To avoid conflicting with Easter and Passover, the 21st will be the latest in April that Kiwanis One Day has ever occurred. Check out how the entire Kiwanis family—Kiwanis Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K, Aktion Club and Kiwanis clubs—joined forces in the 2011 large-scale service project; the new video is online now at

    For Kiwanis One Day, any project—big or small—is worth tackling, but you’ve only got eight months to get ready. Go!

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  • New resources to help you spread the word about The Eliminate Project

    Maternal and neonatal tetanus affects many, many mothers and babies in the poorest countries of the world, and it’s going to take the help of many, many people to eliminate it from the world. To help you reach those many people, Kiwanis is constantly creating resources for your campaign, so keep visiting the Resources page [] of The Eliminate Project website to find out what’s new.

    Here’s what’s new this month:
    Turn a can into a coin collection container using the club coin can label. Print them off and start collecting. Every contribution counts!

    Download The Eliminate Project logos in your preferred format: JPEG, GIF or EPS. Be sure to follow the logo guidelines when placing the logos in your promotional materials.

    Look and sound professional as you educate groups about The Eliminate Project using presentation resources, including the new PowerPoint template. Add photos and copy from the Talking Points and you are ready to present!

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  • What are you doing to support The Eliminate Project? Share your story.

    Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family will change the world. We’ll help raise US$110 million to save and protect millions of mothers and newborns from MNT—and protect the connection between mother and child that this deadly disease destroys.

    To make this happen, we need to engage people in valuable service and fundraising, and we need to share our stories, news and inspiration—about The Eliminate Project and about our clubs’ efforts.

    Are you planning a service or fundraising event for The Eliminate Project? Let us know! Email prior to your event, and we will help you generate awareness. 

    Has your event already occurred? Let us highlight your story. Email, and we will include your story in our blog.

    When sending us your story, please include:
    1. Name
    2. Contact information
    3. Club and district
    4. Any .JPEG photos
    5. 300–500 word blog entry

    Remember to subscribe to The Eliminate Project blog via RSS feed or email and visit often!

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  • Get up and help fight childhood obesity (and have fun, too!)

    Get ready, get set, get out and play! Turn off your TV and video games on Sept. 24, and join other kids in Nickelodeon’s 8th annual Worldwide Day of Play. Your club can pick any fun, physical activity that you enjoy doing – dancing, playing Frisbee, hula-hooping, swimming, or roller skating to name a few – and create your own Worldwide Day of Play event. Invite other club members, classmates and friends to participate. Need more ideas? Check out And while you’re online, don’t forget to register at for a chance to see your group’s name on TV!

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  • October is the month of the young adolescent

    October is the month of the young adolescent, an annual international collaborative effort of education, health and youth-oriented organizations like Kiwanis. During October the National Middle School Association brings together a wide range of organizations to focus on the needs of this important age range, ages 10 to 15. October would be a great time to charter a Builders Club, the Kiwanis Service Leadership Program for middle school and junior high students. Learn what makes this group tick and help young adolescents become caring and compassionate citizens through Builders Club. Starting a club is easy: go to

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