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  • Snag a custom website domain name from our partners

    Does your club have a website, or are you thinking about creating one? In conjunction with Club Resource, the Kiwanis International Web team has hand-picked Hover as the partnered domain vendor for Kiwanis-family clubs and districts.

    Hover offers a clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface free of popups and high-pressure add-ons. Hover only sells domains, which means they aren't going to try to get you to buy other things you may not really need through the checkout process.
    The checkout process is simple. Pick the name you want, add it to your cart, create a basic username and password, pay and that's it. You now own the domain.

    View this video tutorial for more information on how to register for a domain.

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  • Win the Kiwanis One Day contest

    You may have exciting plans for Kiwanis One Day on April 12, but imagine how much more exciting that day will be with a video crew there recording your cause. Use the video to show your community and the Kiwanis community the impact your group was able to make in One Day. Enter the Kiwanis One Day contest and let everyone know what a winning One Day project looks like!

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  • 2012 convention in New Orleans: The early bird gets the discount

    Now through February 15, registration for the 2012 Kiwanis International Convention in New Orleans is offered at a reduced rate! Get your act together and get registered: You’ll save $55–$95 if you beat the February 15th deadline. Go to  

    Step 1:
    Have at hand your:
    ●    district name
    ●    club key number
    ●    member ID

    ●   credit card

    Step 2: Decide which—if not all—ticketed events you want to attend.

    Step 3: Review and book tour packages, then make travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

    Step 4: Encourage your Kiwanis friends to join you and have a blast!

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  • Happy 97th birthday, Kiwanis!

    We are 97 years strong—and still going. On January 21, the Kiwanis International organization celebrates our official birthday, which is the day the Detroit No. 1 Club chartered in 1915.   It’s a good time to reflect on and celebrate all that’s been accomplished in our 97 years of serving children around the world.

    Where would children in your community be without Kiwanis?  

    Here are some ideas on how to mark the date.

    Social: Serve birthday cake at one of your club’s January meetings or to your SLP club meetings.

    Philanthropic: Send $97 to The Eliminate Project.

    PR: Cover the costs for the local ice cream shop to give away a “Kiwanis sundae” to its next 97 customers.

    Service: Plant 97 bulbs around a neighborhood playground.  


    Make it special!

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  • New administrators, plan to attend the Service Leadership & Kiwanis Programs Conference

    Where will you be January 20–22?

    If you are the 2012–13 Service Leadership & Kiwanis Programs administrator for your district, you’ll want to spend those days in Indianapolis attending the 7th annual SLKP Conference. The SLKP Conference serves as training for SLP administrators, so if this group includes you, make plans now to attend.

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