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  • 5 tips for building up Builders Club

    1. Students are stepping up to be leaders. Giving students that chance to step up and be that leader is one of the best parts of Builders Club. Just because a student isn’t president doesn’t mean that there aren’t other opportunities. Make him or her a chair of a committee for The Eliminate Project or encourage him or her to take charge of a service project. Always let students know when they are doing a great job either verbally or with a special note. It may not be a big deal to you, but it just might mean the world to them.

    2. Positive reinforcement always makes a difference. Sometimes middle school students are way too cool to participate. Why not add a sweet incentive? Any student who completes five service hours a month gets a full-size candy bar of his or her choice. Make a chart of different levels the kids can reach. If you reach your goal of service hours as a club, host an ice cream party! A little positive reinforcement might just jump-start all sorts of motivation. At the end of the year, recognize your MVV (Most Valuable Volunteer).

    3. Invite speakers to your meetings. For example, if you're making care packages for firefighters to give to little kids who have lost everything, invite a firefighter to come in and talk about it. Making kids aware that there are other children in their own community who have nothing might really deepen that passion for service.

    4. Do service projects and fundraisers with the K-family. Working with K-Kids will make your members feel like role models. Working with Key Club or Circle K members will make them feel cool because they know an older kid. Take it one step further and create a buddy system.

    5. Get your club involved with the school. Try out projects such as a school-wide dance or kickball tournament. Make Builders Club the club that every kid wants to be a part of. This will make your members proud to wear their Builders Club gear (if they weren’t already before) and help increase your membership.

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