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  • Videos bring your club’s service to life

    Including video clips on your club website or in electronic newsletters is a powerful way to make Kiwanis activities come alive for your members. But don’t let unfamiliar technology scare you off: Downloading, viewing and even embedding video into your website is not as hard as you think. You can easily learn how at

    And don’t forget to subscribe to the Kiwanis International official YouTube video channel at by clicking the yellow “subscribe” button in the top left corner. You can be notified when new videos are posted.

    Some of the videos available to download or view on YouTube include:

          The Eliminate Project

          On To New Orleans

          Imperial Beach—South Bay, CA One Day

          Kiwanis International President Messages

          From Past to Present


    If a video cannot be obtained from YouTube or Kiwanis’ Google file library (downloads), you may request a CD (data file) or DVD. This may incur a cost to cover production, materials, shipping and handling. Send all requests with exact video title to For more information on accessing Kiwanis videos, visit

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  • A picture is worth 1,000 words

    Kiwanis One Day is almost here. This April, don’t forget to share your photos and brag about the great work your club is doing! Post photos online on the Kiwanis International Facebook page at or on Flickr. Tag them “Kiwanis One Day.” Your photos may even be included in the June issue of Kiwanis magazine!

    Don't yet have plans? It's never too late do something on Kiwanis One Day. See East Fresno’s Kiwanis One Day project to watch how Kiwanians can come together and get inspired!


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  • Make a difference with Skip-A-Meal

    We dare you to go hungry for one meal—or more, if you’re up for the challenge. Why, you might ask?


    Each April, Kiwanis-family members and friends serve children by participating in the Skip-A-Meal program. The concept is easy and the payoff is great. Just skip a meal during the day—at work, home or a meeting—and then donate the money you would’ve spent on the meal to Kiwanis International Foundation, which will help children in need.


    Can’t skip a meal? No worries. You can still participate by donating and inviting others to join in the fun.


    Plan your club’s Skip-A-Meal program today! Download the Skip-A-Meal placemat for some extra party flair.

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