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  • Eliminate Week: it's not too late to save lives

    Builders Clubs have united with all Kiwanis-family members and UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the earth through The Eliminate Project. Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs have raised more than US$7,262,695 in cash and pledges. Pat yourselves on the back for all of your great work! Every US$1.80 donated will save or protect one woman and her future babies.

    Your Builders Club was encouraged to raise funds and awareness during Eliminate Week in May. If your club participated, you can still submit funds and be recognized by following these three easy and important steps before September 1:

    • Send in your donation. Use The Eliminate Project gift form for Kiwanis-family members. Remember to include your club number and name so you can receive proper credit and request recognition items.
    • Get recognized. Tell us about your project by completing this easy form to receive a participation patch for your club.
    • Double your lifesaving impact. Ask your Kiwanis club to match the funds you raised. Your Kiwanis club will receive a Unity Award, and you will be recognized as a 1K Club, for raising more than US$500, and saving or protecting more than 555 lives together. 
    Now is also a great time to start planning for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF 2015:
    • If your Builders Club participated in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in 2013 or 2014, a box of supplies will be shipped by September 15. Here is a list of clubs who will receive supplies. Do not worry: If your club is not on this list, you can order them from the Kiwanis store by the end of September.
    • Your club can easily raise money for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF without going door-to-door. Consider hosting a dodgeball tournament or bake sale for donations. Start planning the fun. Find fundraising ideas, information on how to submit funds and how to earn a banner patch at
    Questions? Contact Thank you again for your generous support. You’re making a difference! We are changing the course of history. 

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  • Follow us on social media

    To receive the latest updates, ideas and information, follow Builders Club on social media. Start following us today!

    • Facebook page. Posts are made at least twice a week. Feel free to post your own ideas and ask questions on this page. Also be sure to share the page with other key adults to your club such as parents, your sponsoring Kiwanis club members,  principals, or anyone else that you think might want to learn more about Builders Club..
    • Twitter. Daily tweets provide new ideas, resources and updates. 
    • Pinterest. Boards on this page include advisor resources, meetings, service project ideas, icebreakers, bully prevention and more. 

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  • Service leadership activity

    Club members can have fun, get to know each other—and at the same time, engage in one of Builders Club’s core values. In fact, the "dot game" helps members focus on the key aspects of leadership: listening, communicating, serving and guiding others. And all you need are some colored stickers!

    Download the activity here.

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  • Officer training: parliamentary procedure

    Help the club stay on track and organized during club meetings: emphasize parliamentary procedure. Encourage your club officers, especially the president, to learn and use parliamentary procedure, in addition to a meeting agenda, when leading club meetings. Parliamentary procedure allows everyone in the meeting to be heard and allows the group to make decisions without confusion.

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  • Resources for advisors

    Thank you for being a Builders Club advisor. You’re a mentor, coach and role model for members. It’s an important role—so we make numerous resources available to you. In fact, August is a great time to start getting familiar with them. They include:

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