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  • Get ready for Kiwanis Family Month

    The Kiwanis family is bigger than just your club. It has clubs for every age and ability: adult Kiwanis clubs, Circle K clubs for university students, Aktion Clubs for adults with disabilities, Key Clubs for high school students, Builders Clubs for middle school students and K-Kids for elementary school students.

    Take a moment this month to appreciate what other clubs in your area are doing. Reach out and share your love of the Kiwanis family with a fundraiser, service project or shared activity. Need ideas? We’ve got you covered. 

    No matter how you celebrate Kiwanis Family Month, spread the word on social media. Download the “My Family Rocks” image or “Proud Builders Club Advisor” image to share on your personal accounts. For your club, there are a Kiwanis Family Month Facebook cover photo and a “My Kiwanis club proudly supports our Builders Club” image. 

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  • It’s time to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

    Halloween season is here! For the Kiwanis family, Halloween means more than spooky decorations, fairytale costumes and ghoulish treats. It’s a chance to save lives and put the fun in fundraising—through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. For less than the cost of a bag of Halloween candy, you can protect a mother and her future newborns from maternal and neonatal tetanus.
    It’s easy to participate. Here are five simple steps for your project.

    1. Pick a fundraiser. Collect funds door-to-door. Dance the night away alongside vampires and werewolves. Host a trunk-or-treat. Enjoy an old-fashioned pumpkin pie bake off. The ideas are endless. Take a look at some of them on our website!
    2. Set your goal. Estimate what you'll raise through your project. Then add in your expenses. This total is your fundraising goal.
    3. Get supplies. Do you have everything you need to host your fundraiser? Order collection boxes through the Kiwanis family store. Consider asking for donations from local businesses or even large chain stores.
    4. Promote your event. Print out Trick-or-Treat labels, or make your own flier or display. Use them to, let everyone know about the upcoming event and how they can donate. Share the information with your sponsoring Kiwanis club.
    5. Submit your donations. Send your donations to the Kiwanis International Foundation along with the Kiwanis-family giving form. If your club submits US$250 in donations for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF by December 31, 2016, your club will earn a banner patch.
    Thank you for committing to help eliminate MNT. For more information, visit, or contact

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  • Celebrate Advisor Appreciation Day on November 4

    Advisors are the sometimes-hidden but always-present forces that help each club succeed. Your work isn’t always easy, but the sense of achievement and reward is real. 

    On November 4, check your inbox for a special thank you email message from the leader of Kiwanis International. It’s our way of personally saying thank you for everything you do for your Builders Club. We are also sharing this social media square for you, your school, and/or your community organization to upload and share with friends, family, followers and supporters. 

    Take the day’s celebration farther! Recognize your fellow advisor in any of the following ways:

    • Tag advisors you know online using the social media square to help highlight their hard work and dedication. 
    • Encourage members to write (or personally speak) messages of thanks. 
    • Craft a card with the help of club members.

    No matter what, we hope you enjoy our first Advisor Appreciation Day. Thank you for making your Builders Club experience memorable and inspirational. 

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  • Contests: vote and see what's coming up!

    Having fun. Sparking imaginations. That’s what the Builders Club Best Poster Series Design contest is all about! Check out the entries to see which one is your favorite and vote for it! Help the entry get even more votes by sharing it on social media and asking your friends and family to vote for it, too! The winning club will receive a Kiwanis MarketPlace $100 shopping spree through

    November contest: Best t-shirt design (entries accepted November 1-11)
    If you think the Builders Club T-shirts in the Kiwanis Family Store are nice but prefer a T-shirt with a little more oomph, here’s your club's chance to make one. Create the perfect T-shirt design. Have your club members draw a picture on an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper or use computer software to create your work of art. Visit the 2016-17 Contest Information page to learn more. 

    Want to learn about even more contests? See what else is coming up. Choose the contests your club members like the best and plan ahead.

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  • Kiwanis One Day is on October 22

    Kiwanis One Day—it’s the day each year when the Kiwanis family of clubs comes together in local communities. Every Builders Club is invited to join with the rest of the Kiwanis family (Aktion Club, K-Kids, Key Club, Circle K and Kiwanis) for a day of united service. A lot of good work gets done on this day—the kind that increases Kiwanis’ presence in the community and builds awareness about the value of service.

    In fact, Kiwanis One Day showcases the Kiwanis family in each community. Projects run the gamut from beach cleanups to book drives, playground maintenance to pet days at senior centers, health fairs to high school beatifications. Imagine the impact more than 600,000 Kiwanis family members around the world can make in one day of united service.

    Is your club participating? Share your Kiwanis One Day story in the Kiwanis One Day photo contest—and enter to win a Kiwanis Family Store gift certificate! 

    For resources to help execute your Kiwanis One Day activity, visit the official Kiwanis One Day page.

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