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  • 3 Simple ways to empower club members

    One key responsibility to being a Builders Club advisor is empowering students to lead the club and make decisions. Here are 3 simple ways advisors can help life the confidence of club members:

    • Ask for their input. When members wonder what the club should do next, ask them for their thoughts. If they respond by asking you, help them along by asking, "Well, what do you think?" With the encouragement to think through their problems, members can come to their own solutions and feel more determined to conquer the problem.
    • Give specific praise. Everyone enjoys receiving recognition, but specific praise can really impact a member. When you give praise to a member, be sure to explain exactly what the member did to be successful. 
    • Point out their individual strengths. As an advisor, encourage individual members to take on responsibilities and tasks that play to their strengths. Members will feel more engaged with an important role and contribute to the club's success.

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  • Builders Club activities around the world!

    There are more than 45,000 Builders Club members around the world. Ever wonder what other clubs are doing? Check ou these recent success stories!

    • We welcomed our first Builders Club in Japan! The Builders Club of ACMS in Alabama created this amazing video to welcome the Builders Club of Otemae Junior High School in Japan. Welcome to the Kiwanis family!
    • The Builders Club of Finley Middle School recently received recognition for their work in identifying a need for a school food pantry, and working together to create one. Now every student in the school has a place to get personal care items and food to last them through the weekend. Amazing work by these club members!
    • When news broke that a local cemetery discovered that American Revolutionary War soldiers had been found buried in their plots, the Builders Club of Ogdensburg Free Academy jumped into action to fundraise over $2,500 for a monument to be built in the soldiers' honor. 
    • The Builders Club of Kraft Meadows Middle School created adorable superhero capes that serve as blankets for small children at a local shelter housing women and children seeking refuge from abusive situations. The club not only spent time creating the capes, they also worked together to hold a fundraiser and advocate for the project.
    Want to hear more stories like these? Follow Builders Club on Facebook and Twitter! That’s where great stories are always being shared. And don’t forget to share your stories by tagging @BuildersClub.

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