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  • My awesome year as a Builders Club member

    Help club members reflect about their year in Builders Club. Print the following club journal and distribute one page at a time or share the entire journal. Let club members complete activities on their own or provide a suggested activity completion timeline and have discussion time during club meetings. If club members are inspired by the journal, ask them to create additional activity pages and share.

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  • My awesomeBuilders Club year

    Help club members reflect about their year in Builders Club. Print the following club journal and distribute one page at a time or share the entire journal. If club members are inspired by the journal, ask them to create additional activity pages and share. 

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  • Pay attention with your senses

    Sensory Activity

    Ask each member to create a chart on a piece of paper listing the senses. See the example below:









    Car engines

    Wind on my face

    Salty snacks


    Smoke from an exhaust


    Heat of the sun




    Dog barking

    Sprinkling of rain



    Take the group for a walk outside and ask members to write down what they see, smell, hear, feel and taste. At the conclusion of the walk, gather everyone to share. Use the reflection questions below to lead discussion.


    Which sense did you use the most?

    Which sense did you use the least?

    How do senses work together to help us perceive our world?

    How would you cope if one sense was taken away?


    For more sensory resources visit:


    Share this Builders Club poster with club members, and remind them that they should observe the world with all their senses each and every day. If they do this, they’re more inclined to see issues that need to be addressed and people who need help.

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  • Advisors gather at the 2019 Kiwanis International Convention

    Kiwanis advisors to K-Kids and Builders Club will meet, share best practices and get tips and ideas from one another's experiences during an informal gathering taking place at the 2019 Kiwanis International Convention at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Join us on Saturday, June 29 from 8:30 - 9:20 a.m. in Yucatan 1.

    Learn more about the Kiwanis International Convention schedule by viewing the official convention program.

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  • Congratulations, 2018-19 contest winners!

    Hard copy submissions:

    • 1st Place: St. Mary's Catholic School, Illinois-Eastern Iowa district
    • 2nd Place: Muscatel Junior High School, California-Nevada-Hawaii district
    • 3rd Place: Lynn Middle School, Southwest district

    Online submissions:

    • 1st Place: Center for Academic Success, Southwest district
    • 2nd Place: Martin Middle School, Carolinas district 

    Congratulations to:

    • Lynn Smith, Lynn Middle School, Southwest district
    • Makenzie Rogers, Huntsville Middle School, Missouri-Arkansas district

    Congratulations to:

    Carolinas District

    • Faculty advisor Susan Granberg, Merritt Brown Middle School
    • Faculty advisor Stacy Baxley, Martin Middle School
    Florida District
    • Faculty advisor Mahalia Surin, Charles S. Rusche Middle School
    • Kiwanis advisor Alexis Reul, Corner Lake Middle School
    Illinois-Eastern Iowa District
    • Faculty advisor Suzanne Croke, St. Mary's Catholic School
    Ohio District
    • Faculty advisor Angela Jolliff, Lima West Middle School
    • Faculty advisor Rachel Lesko, Lima West Middle School

    Congratulations to:

    Carolinas District
    • Caity Nestle, Corner Lake Middle School 
    • Olivia Sanchez-Dunn, Martin Middle School
    Florida District
    • Lindsay Henderson, Charles S. Rushe Middle School
    Illinois-Eastern Iowa District
    • Trevor Jakubczak, St. Mary's Catholic School 
    • Aliyah Miller, St. Mary's Catholic School
    • Brooke Patterson, St. Mary's Catholic School
    Missouri-Arkansas District
    • William Vanderpool, Huntsville Middle School

    Congratulations to the following distinguished clubs:

    Alabama District

    • Bernice Causey Middle School
    • ACMS
    • Crossroads Christian School
    • Gulf Shores Middle School 
    • Pathways Academy

    California-Nevada-Hawaii District 

    • Sierra Vista Middle School
    • Kob Middle School 
    • Muscatel Middle School 
    • Shasta Lake Middle School
    • Sierra Vista Middle School 
    Carolinas District
    • Dixon Middle School 
    • Jamestown Middle School 
    • Martin Middle School 
    • Surf City Middle School 
    Florida District
    • Charlotte Prep 
    • Corner Lake Middle School 
    • Cypress Lake Middle School 
    • Kanapaha Middle School 
    • Merritt Brown Middle School
    • Montverde Academy 
    • Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School 
    • Seminole Middle School 
    • Thomas Jefferson Middle School 
    • Union Park Middle School 
    Georgia District
    • East Coweta Middle School 
    • Lee Middle School 
    • Marietta Middle School 
    • MSGA 
    Illinois-Eastern Iowa District
    • Immaculate Conception School 
    • St. Mary's Catholic School
    Indiana District
    • Goshen Middle School 
    • Scottsburg Middle School 
    • Wawasee Middle School 
    Michigan District
    • Bemis Junior High School 

    Minnesota-Dakotas District

    • Fridley Middle School 
    • Lead-Deadwood Middle School 

    Missouri-Arkansas District 

    • Huntsville Middle School 

    Montana District 

    • East Middle School 
    • Kingsland Junior High 


    • St. John's Middle School
    • Washington Middle School

    New England & Bermuda

    • Colebrook Elementary School 
    • Hillside Middle School 
    • Seaford Middle School 

    New Jersey 

    • Hackettstown Middle School 
    • South Jersey Home School 

    New York 

    • Alfred G. Berner Middle School 
    • Carle Place Middle School 
    • Cohen Middle School 
    • Massapeaqua Middle School 
    • North Shore Middle School 

    Ohio District

    • South Science Technology Magnet K-8
    • Liberty Arts Magnet 
    • Lima North middle School 
    • Lima West Middle School 
    • North Middle School 

    Eastern Canada District

    • College Saint - Dominique Du Moule 

    Pacific Northwest District

    • Hood Canal School 

    Pennsylvania District

    • Donegal Junior High School 
    • EHMIS 
    • South Williamsport Junior High School 

    Southwest District

    • Center for Academic Success
    • Fountain Hills Middle School 
    • Joyce Clark Middle School 
    • Lynn Middle School 
    • Telesis Junior Academy

    Texas-Oklahoma District 

    • Bullard Middle School 
    • Eastern Hills Middle School 
    • Furlough Middle School 
    • Sapulpa Junior High School 

    Wisconsin-Upper Michigan 

    • Pardeeville Middle School 


    • H.O. Nash Junior High 

    Caribbean Atlantic

    • Christ Church Foundation School 

    Distinguished Club banner patches will be mailed to faculty advisors at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Notice any information that needs to be updated? Let us know by contacting the Kiwanis International member services team at 1-800-549-2647 ext. 411 or email

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