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Students join Kiwanis club

The Kiwanis Club of St. Johns 707, Michigan, gained 22 hard-working helpers earlier this year. That’s the number of students at St. Johns Middle School who were inducted into a newly chartered Builders Club the Kiwanis club is sponsoring. And according to Becky Maleski, faculty advisor, the Builders were quickly introduced to selecting and implementing community-service projects at the school and throughout the community.

One of the first projects completed by the two Kiwanis-family club was a pancake breakfast at Applebee’s, raising  $2,000 to help pay an outstanding balance owed on the construction of the Veterans’ Memorial in downtown St. Johns.  The fundraiser was a huge success for local veterans, as well as Kiwanis and the Builders Club members.  

The charter presentation included representatives from the Kiwanis club and the Kiwanis district.

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