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Contest information is now online!

Enter a Builders Club contest!
Encourage your Builders Club members to enter a Builders Club contest. It’s a fun way for kids to discover their strengths.  And because there are contests for both clubs and individual club members, students can find something that fits their comfort level. 

Know of some creative club members? They could give a speech, write an essay, or use their artistic abilities to create a poster. If you’re more interested in encouraging collaboration among members, suggest that they work together to create a picture book, put together a scrapbook or write a detailed account of what they consider to be the club’s best single service project. 

This year’s contest themes ask Builders Club members to look inward and reflect about how what they do day to day affects others. Themes focus on empathy, caring, inclusiveness, leadership, character building and happiness. Here‘s a quick look at the updated contest booklet and themes for the 2014–15 year. Check out the contest entry and recognition process for more information about how contests are judged and recognition is awarded. 

Reward your amazing members
Honor your Builders Club Member of the Year or Outstanding Service Leadership award recipients with free certificates! Download the fillable and printable certificates on the Contest Information page

It’s important to educate club members at the beginning of the year about the recognition they could receive so they understand what needs to be done to earn it. The Builders Club Member of the Year criteria is not provided. Establishing the criteria as a club is a great way for everyone to be involved! Brainstorm together and display the award criteria in a prominent area.