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5 ways to celebrate your club

As summer approaches, take time to celebrate all that your club has accomplished. Here are five ways that advisors can show appreciation to the club and its members.

  1. Special certificates. Recognize members at the last club meeting by presenting them with a certificate for completing a successful Builders Club year. 
  2. The year in pictures. At a club meeting, hang pictures or present a slide show of the club’s members, service projects, fundraising events and meetings. Then have members share their favorite Builders Club moments from the year.
  3. ‘Hats off to..’.. One creative way to recognize individuals for their efforts is to cut top hats out of paper and award them to those who deserve a “tip of the hat.” 
  4. A personalized video. Create a short video that commemorates the Builders Club year, honors the officers and outgoing members and features senior members giving advice to current and future members. 
  5. Handwritten notes. Taking the time to handwrite your appreciation is very special to the person who receives it. As an advisor, you can make an impact by simply writing a note to Builders Club members recognizing their hard work throughout the year.