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Kiwanis Youth Protection Week

Kiwanis International is a premier provider of youth-service clubs and programs. When it comes to youth safety, Kiwanis holds all members to the highest standards of conduct and awareness. This is Kiwanis Youth Protection Week, during which Kiwanis clubs are educating members on youth safety—and ensuring that the clubs are in compliance with the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines.

Kiwanis advisors to Builders Club
are required to have a clear criminal history background check on file with the Kiwanis club and to be in compliance with all school policies regarding youth safety. 

Faculty advisors to Builders Club are encouraged to read the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines and share the school’s own youth protection policies with the sponsoring Kiwanis club.

Together, Kiwanis advisors and faculty advisors play an important role in the protection of Builders Club members—and providing an environment in which they learn to become leaders in their communities.