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Sneak Peek: Program kits

The Builders Club kits received an exciting makeover this year! Members will find resources and materials to help make 2015–16 a memorable year, including some new items: officer guides, table tents and a calendar. Once your Kiwanis club secretary has renewed the Builders Club, the member kit will be mailed to the school or address indicated at time of payment. 

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s kits:

  • Revised member handbooks. Encourage students to refer to the handbook regularly. This year, it includes a calendar for planning events, and it’s handy for sharing information with parents. 
  • Member cards and pins. Ensure members receive one of each so they can show their Builders Club pride. Designate a day each week (preferably the club meeting day) for members to wear their pins at school.
  • Officer and advisor pins. In addition to the member pin, give each advisor and officer a pin to reflect his or her title. Host a club officer installation to honor new officers. A suggested outline for this ceremony event is on page 34 of the advisor guide.
  • NEW! Calendar poster. Help members stay on track throughout the school year by hanging this poster in your club meeting room and keeping it updated with meeting dates and service projects. The calendar also serves as a recruitment tool, showcasing all of the ways a potential new member can get involved. 
  • NEW! Officer guides. Here’s a fresh addition to the kits: guides designed specifically for each club officer role (president, vice president, etc.). Each guide is unique to a position’s responsibilities, but all are designed with the same basic structure—with job descriptions, tools to help plan or prepare, resources and helpful websites, and checklists of responsibilities. 
  • NEW! Table tents. Another addition for 2015–16, a table tent has been created with the title of each club officer to use during club meetings. Consider laminating them to keep them in good condition, or collect them after every meeting. 
  • Advisor guide. Created for both the faculty advisor and the Kiwanis advisor, this guide is filled with information and tips for supporting a Builders Club. You can also download a digital copy or purchase additional printed copies.