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Connect. Share. Engage.

November is Kiwanis Family Month. This is the perfect time to connect, share and engage with others in the Kiwanis family. Here are a three ways you can participate:

  • Connect with other advisors. Contact your district administrator and find out if there are other Builders Clubs in your area. If so, reach out! Start sharing ideas and identifying ways to collaborate.
  • Share your pride. Download the ‘“Proud to be a Builders Club advisor” image—and post it on your social media accounts. When you do, share why you love Builders Club and how long you’ve served in your role. Encourage other Builders Club volunteers to do the same.
  • Engage with other Kiwanis-family programs. Invite other Kiwanis-family clubs in your area to your Builders Club meetings and events. Discuss how we’re all making a difference in the community—and make plans to serve together!