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Reach the community via Kiwanis clubs

In today’s society, genuine community involvement is a fundamental component of successful schools for young adolescents.

That comes from This We Believe, a 2010 publication of the Association for Middle Level Education. It’s an important insight for Builders Club advisors, supporters and others who believe that education and inspiration aren’t the responsibility of schools alone. 

But the community often doesn’t know how to step up to help schools. Luckily, Builders Club is a great way for students and the community to find each other.And it can start with your sponsoring Kiwanis club. 

Here are a few easy steps for your Builders Club to reach out to the Kiwanis club or community members as a resource for your upcoming service projects:

  • Make contact. Encourage your Builders Club members to reach out to the local Kiwanis club to set up a time and place in which each Builders Club member can interview a Kiwanis member. 
  • Brainstorm. Have the club develop some questions that they would like to ask each Kiwanis club member. Questions can include:

    -What is your profession?
    -What are your hobbies?
    -Where do you volunteer?
     -Would you be willing to make connections and help find resources for  the Builders Club’s next service project?
    -Do you have any ideas on how the Builders Club can help our  community?

  • Interview. Club members should then meet with the Kiwanis club members and “interview” them by asking the questions that they brainstormed together.
  • Decide. After the interviews, Builders Club members can share the information and ideas that they have received—and then brainstorm ways to get Kiwanians involved. A few examples:

    -Is there a police officer or firefighter in the Kiwanis club? Would this person be willing to come into the school  and present on safety issues?

    -Does the Builders Club want to help animals? Maybe a Kiwanis club member volunteers at an animal shelter and can help guide the club toward the best way to help.

    -Is the Builders Club collecting pop tabs or box tops? Through these introductions and conversations, the Builders Club can feel comfortable asking the Kiwanis club to collect and donate to the school. 
  • Say thanks. Regardless of how you engage the Kiwanis club (and/or community members), remember to have Builders Club members write thank you notes or make thank you cards.