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Service leadership: Heart to serve

With Builders Club, students learn to be the most engaged members of their communities. It’s all about service leadership—the powerful force that occurs once people discover their heart to serve, answer their call to lead, and exercise the courage to engage

When students discover the heart to serve, they see service as a new, exciting way of life. Advisors play a key role in helping members discover their heart to serve. At a club meeting, guide members toward a discussion about service in the school and the community. This discussion could be led by you or by the officers of the club. Ask questions that help members: identify their passions, understand the difference they can make and brainstorm service ideas. For example:

  • What do you care about?
  • What can you do to make a difference?
  • What impact or difference can one person really make?
  • What will you do make an impact outside of the club activities?
Individually, club members can then use this Heart to Serve worksheet to reflect on their own passions and how they can continue serving others outside of Builders Club.