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Member kits to arrive in September!

Exciting news! To better serve our Builders Clubs, the 2016–17 membership kits will be mailed to all active clubs in September. To help ensure that the youth club receives its kit with enough materials, reach out to the sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary and have them complete the following steps by August 31:

1. Round up info. The sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary needs to get the number of Builders Club members for the 2016–17 year and the address to which the kit should be mailed

2. (Kiwanis club secretary) Log into KiwanisOne. On the secretary dashboard, under Sponsorships, select the “pencil” icon located next to each Builders Club that your club sponsors.

3. Update the club info. Confirm or update the membership count. 

4. Update the mailing address. Verify or update the mailing address    to which the membership kit should be shipped. 

The sponsoring Kiwanis club will be asked to pay the renewal fee for the Builders Club in October. The invoice for the club will appear under the Finance tab at the top of the Secretary dashboard at the beginning of the Kiwanis fiscal year. 

Membership kits include membership pins, cards, advisor guides and much more! Please coordinate with the sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary to complete these steps by August 31 so the Builders Club have the resources to start their year of fun, fellowship and service!

Important notes:

*If the faculty advisor information needs to be updated, send a detailed email to If the Kiwanis advisor information needs to be updated, make this change on the front page of the Secretary dashboard under Sponsorships.

**If a K-Kids or Builders Club will not be active in 2016–17, email at your earliest convenience so that a membership kit is not mailed in September.