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Celebrate Advisor Appreciation Day on November 4

Advisors are the sometimes-hidden but always-present forces that help each club succeed. Your work isn’t always easy, but the sense of achievement and reward is real. 

On November 4, check your inbox for a special thank you email message from the leader of Kiwanis International. It’s our way of personally saying thank you for everything you do for your Builders Club. We are also sharing this social media square for you, your school, and/or your community organization to upload and share with friends, family, followers and supporters. 

Take the day’s celebration farther! Recognize your fellow advisor in any of the following ways:

  • Tag advisors you know online using the social media square to help highlight their hard work and dedication. 
  • Encourage members to write (or personally speak) messages of thanks. 
  • Craft a card with the help of club members.

No matter what, we hope you enjoy our first Advisor Appreciation Day. Thank you for making your Builders Club experience memorable and inspirational.