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New year, new service project

In November's edition of the BC Wire, we shared how Builders Club can evaluate community needs—and make an informed decision on what service project would best address them. The next step is for the club to gather information about the cause and who would benefit, and for each individual member to develop a connection with the project. Here are a few ways to encourage each club member to become passionate about the service project: 

  • Get them curious. Middle school students are curious by nature. Let them ask questions and research answers.  
  • Bring in an expert. When possible, bring in an outside community resource to help explain the need and how the project will benefit people.  
  • Personal reflection. Have each member take a few moments to write a personal letter to themselves about what the service project means to them. Ask them to think about why they want to participate and what they already know about it.  
  • Let the students plan and lead. Members feel empowered—and connected to a cause—when they put their leadership skills into practice.  
Help your club hit the ground running in 2017—put their enthusiasm and curiosity to use in your community!