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3 Simple ways to empower club members

One key responsibility to being a Builders Club advisor is empowering students to lead the club and make decisions. Here are 3 simple ways advisors can help life the confidence of club members:

  • Ask for their input. When members wonder what the club should do next, ask them for their thoughts. If they respond by asking you, help them along by asking, "Well, what do you think?" With the encouragement to think through their problems, members can come to their own solutions and feel more determined to conquer the problem.
  • Give specific praise. Everyone enjoys receiving recognition, but specific praise can really impact a member. When you give praise to a member, be sure to explain exactly what the member did to be successful. 
  • Point out their individual strengths. As an advisor, encourage individual members to take on responsibilities and tasks that play to their strengths. Members will feel more engaged with an important role and contribute to the club's success.