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Resources for advisors

Thank you for being a Builders Club advisor. You’re a mentor, coach and role model for members. It’s an important role—so we make numerous resources available to you. In fact, August is a great time to start getting familiar with them. Your resources include:

  • Builders Club advisor online education courses. All advisors have access to interactive training that delivers the knowledge and resources needed to guide and mentor a successful Builders Club. Whether you're a new or experienced advisor, these training courses will enhance and strengthen your skills.
  • Builders Club advisor guide. Designed to help you support members throughout the school year, the guide has a calendar checklist, service and fundraising project ideas, and much more! A printed copy will be included in the renewal kit. If you prefer, you can use the digital copy online
  • Builders Club website. The advisor resource page on the Builders Club website has downloadable forms and templates—such as a photo release form, Builders Club brochure and the advisor’s monthly checklist.