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Develop members' passion with the IDEA Toolkit

The second step of the IDEA Toolkit is called Develop the Passion. The four goals are outlined below, and tools and resources are available at to guide you through the process. By the end of this step, your club will have researched the service need and decided on a service project.

  • Members will research the service need the club has chosen and learn why it exists in their community.
  • Members will connect with community experts to explore possible service projects.
  • Members will choose a long-lasting service project for their club to plan and execute.
  • Members will bring awareness to the service need and invite others to join their efforts.

  • Advisors and club officers should:
  • Read through all outlines and worksheets included in the Develop the Passion section of the IDEA Toolkit.
  • Work together to answer this question: Which activities will be done during meetings, and which ones should members do individually?
  • Figure out which club officer will lead the club through each activity and how to get the best results.