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It's time to Trick-orTreat for UNICEF!

For the Kiwanis family, Halloween means more than spooky decorations, fairytale costumes and ghoulish treats. It’s a chance to put the fun in fundraising—and save lives through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. For less than the cost of a bag of Halloween candy, you can protect a mother and her future newborns from maternal and neonatal tetanus.  

It’s easy to participate. Here are five simple steps for your project:   

  1. Pick a fundraiser. Collect funds door-to-door. Dance the night away alongside vampires and werewolves. Host a trunk-or-treat. Enjoy an old-fashioned pumpkin pie bake off. The ideas are endless.
  2. Set your goal. Estimate what you'll raise through your project. Then add in your expenses. This total is your fundraising goal.
  3. Get supplies. Do you have everything you need to host your fundraiser? Order collection boxes through the Kiwanis family store. Consider asking for donations from local businesses or even large chain stores.
  4. Promote your event. Print out Trick-or-Treat labels, or make your own flier or display. Use them to let everyone know about the upcoming event and how they can donate. Share the information with your sponsoring Kiwanis club.
  5. Submit your donations. Send your donations to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund along with the Kiwanis-family giving form. If your club submits US$250 in donations for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF by December 31, 2017, your club will earn a banner patch.
Thank you for committing to help eliminate MNT. For more information, visit, or contact