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The August monthly report is ready

As a Builders Club advisor, you connect the club to Kiwanis International. Strengthen your connection and make Builders Club better for your members by completing monthly reports.

By now, you should have received a request from your Builders Club district administrator to complete a monthly report for August. Either the faculty advisor or Kiwanis advisor can complete a club’s monthly report. It’s easy! Here's how:

      1. Log in to the Kiwanis online reporting system by using the email
          and password on file with Kiwanis International. If you have any
          problems logging in, follow the instructions at the bottom of the

      2. Select the Monthly Reports icon in the top left corner.

      3. Select the "Go" button on the September report. 

      4. Submit the report once completed.

      5. Complete any other monthly reports not yet submitted.

Completed reports can be emailed to anyone by clicking the envelope icon on the Monthly Reports page. Each report will be available on the first of every month in the Kiwanis online reporting system.